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KPCA Leading Practice in Animal Health, Welfare and Land Management Workshop and Livestock Handling Cup

The Kimberley Pilbara Cattlemen’s Association (KPCA) is proud to present the Leading Practice in Animal Health, Welfare and Land Management Workshop and Livestock Handling Cup at Sandfire Roadhouse, located approximately half way between Broome and Port Hedland, on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of September 2018.

The inaugural Workshop will feature a range of presenters covering areas such as animal health and welfare including biosecurity, nutrition and the latest in pain relief trials and managing cattle diseases as well as the interactions and benefits of new approaches in welfare and land management from a business and landscape perspective. Other topics include soil conservation and erosion control techniques.

2018 will be the third year of the KPCA Livestock Handling Cup, previously known as the Pilbara Livestock Handling Cup which had been held at Yarrie Station.

David Stoate, Chairman of the KPCA said that, “The events are a great way to bring the industry together and share information on the latest advances in animal health, welfare and land management practices that are relevant to the northern pastoral industry in WA.”

The Livestock Handling Cup was the original idea of Annabelle Coppin, KPCA Executive Committee Member and Owner/Manager of Yarrie Station in the East Pilbara. Annabelle wanted to create an event that celebrates and builds pride in station teams by demonstrating the art and skill involved in low stress stock handling and stockmanship.

Annabelle commented that, “There is no other event I am aware of that simply focuses on the ability and the many skills required in low stress stock handling and stockmanship which is the engine room of every successful and sustainable cattle operation”.

The KPCA Livestock Handling Cup aims to promote the highest level of animal welfare standards and professionalism within the northern pastoral industry.

The event is considered to be unique and unparalleled in an international context and features a series of challenges for teams to demonstrate their cattle handling skills within a set of yards aimed to replicate normal cattle operations. Teams are made up of three people and challenges include de-stressing and settling the cattle, moving and drafting the cattle including through an obstacle course in addition to a verbal question and answer section.

This year the event is being hosted by the winning team from 2017, Mandora Station. Ben Mills, Manager at Mandora and member of the 2017 winning team, said that, “The event is a great way to showcase the industry and the positive work it is going in the animal welfare space.”

Ben further commented that “We strongly believe in utilising low stress stockmanship techniques in everything we do on the station. We have seen the effects of these techniques on our herd, the cattle become much calmer, easier and safer to handle, they load better onto the trucks and loose less weigh during transport. It’s consistently proven to be worth the time and effort from both an animal welfare and economic view point.”

The events would not have been possible without sponsorship support from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, State Natural Resource Management Program, Pilbara Ports Authority, Olsson’s, the Water Corporation and Lions Club of Broome, Troy, Qube, Broome Cattle Vets, Southern Wire, BankWest, Zoetis, the Iron Clad Hotel, Mandora Station, Shelamar Station, Anna Plains Station, Kachana Station, Sandfire Roadhouse, Kimberley Country Department Store, Kent Saddlery and Yeeda Rangeland Meat.

Photo provided by Emma Moss – Yarrie “Ring Ins” Team taking their cattle under the balloons as part of the Pilbara Livestock Handling Cup, 2017


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